Tank Cleaning and disinfection

As part of this service we will provide:

  • Methods of Statement
  • CoSHH
  • Basic Risk Assessment
  • Tank condition report with photographs
  • Cleaning and disinfection certificate
  • Sample analysis report (UKAS)
  • Access to your soft copy folder maintained in our website
  • Access to our online library
  • Free archiving of your documents for the next 5- 7 years (legal requirement)

Shelter Tech Limited is able to offer a comprehensive tank cleaning service to comply with all the requirements as set out in ACoP L8 and BS8558. The ACoP L8 says " The risk from exposure to Legionella should be prevented or controlled; precautions include keeping the system and the water in it clean."

Numerous types of bacteria can be present in water, including the potentially fatal Legionella. Neglected water tanks are extremely high risk areas for the spread of disease, as Legionella bacteria can proliferate where conditions in such water systems are allowed to deteriorate. It is a requirement of the ACoP L8 that they are inspected and most importantly cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to prevent sediment/sludge build up which can act as a nutrient, facilitating bacterial contamination and proliferation.

When Risk Assessment or inspection findings deem it necessary

  • If the water system, or part of it is substantially altered or has been entered for maintenance purposes where contamination is possible
  • During or following an outbreak or suspected outbreak of Legionellosis

An initial assessment of the site will be conducted to identify any additional health and safety precautions required.

  • The cold water storage tank and any pumps will be isolated
  • The tank is fully drained to undertake a physical clean to impeccable standards
  • The tank is dosed with a prescribed measure of either sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide
  • This chemically treated water is then drawn through to all associated outlets
  • After the appropriate chemical contact time, the treated water is neutralised, before being safely purged to drain
  • The tank is refilled with fresh water and the whole system tested
  • If necessary, samples will be taken for: TVC, e-coli, coliform and Legionella. and analysed by a UKAS accredited laboratory

Following the disinfection a certificate will be issued with sample results for your log book along with detailed photographs. All our work is documented and filed, giving you peace of mind that you are fully compliant with current legislation. Our service & maintenance database will automatically generate a reminder for your next inspection / disinfection adding to that peace of mind.

  • We maintain a very high standard of service when on your premises
  • All clean and disinfection services are in strict accordance with ACoP L8 & BS8558 Guidance
  • We carry out work at a time to suit you and your staff/clients
  • We hold an in-house database which provides reminders to ensure we keep on top of your system cleanliness
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