Regular Monitoring and Inspection

As part of this service we will provide:

  • Weekly flushing of little used outlets
  • Monthly temperature monitoring of the hot and cold sentinel outlets including the flow and return temperatures of the calorifiers
  • Monthly monitoring of the supply temperature to the MV
  • Quarterly shower head cleaning and disinfection
  • Half yearly water sampling
  • Half yearly monitoring of store and ball valve temperatures of the cold water storage tanks
  • Half yearly temperature monitoring of the city mains
  • Annual Tank condition report with photographs
  • Annual blow down and removal of deposits from calorifiers
  • Annual fail safe check and strainer cleaning and disinfection of the TMVs
  • Annual sampling from the calorifiers
  • Annual Auditing
  • Review of the risk assessment in evry two years
  • Sample analysis report (UKAS)
  • Access to your soft copy folder maintained in our website
  • Access to our online library
  • Free archiving of your documents for the next 5- 7 years (legal requirement)

Following a Legionella Risk Assessment a written monitoring plan should be prepared to control the identified risks of Legionella. This plan should identify the chosen control measure, for example, avoiding water temperatures between 20°C and 45°C and how this will be achieved. The plan should then be implemented, regularly managed and monitored. The ACOP L8 says "the risk from exposure to legionella should be prevented or controlled; precautions should include the use of water treatment techniques".

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