Remedial Works

The correct design and installation of water systems help to control the potential for Legionella growth, however, older systems and systems where alterations have been made can increase this potential by having storage tanks that do not comply with current standards, incorrect fittings and the presence of dead legs, blind ends and inadequate back flow prevention.

The findings of a Legionella Risk Assessment may recommend the need to carry out certain remedial works to ensure your water system is up to current standards. BS8580:2010 says "During the inspection the assessor is looking for any elements of the design, construction or operation which could lead to conditions under which Legionella would be expected to multiply."

Typical examples of remedial works:

  • Installation of insulation, air vents and insect screens to water storage tanks
  • Dead leg and blind end pipework removal
  • Re-routing open calorifier vents
  • Installation of appropriate back flow prevention
  • Water storage tank painting / lining
  • Water storage tank replacement
  • We work in strict accordance with current legislation & guidance
  • We have over many years’ experience in Legionella control
  • We use experienced, qualified and courteous engineers
  • We provide a full range of ongoing monitoring services following remedial works
  • We provide a cost effective and efficient service
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