Microbiological Analysis

As part of this service we will provide:

  • Temperature Record
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • An annual tank condition report with photographs
  • Test results (UKAS) with interpretation and advice on required remedial actions
  • Access to your soft copy folder maintained in our website
  • Access to our online library
  • Free archiving of your documents for the next 5- 7 years (legal requirement)

Water Sampling is often a crucial part of any Legionella Control Scheme, by measuring the effectiveness of the control measures. The ACoP L8 says "the risk from exposure to legionella should be prevented or controlled and that the precautions taken should be monitored to ensure that they remain effective".  Whilst routine Microbiological sampling is not always necessary as the water supplied to a building should be fit to drink. Where there is the potential for Micro-organisms to grow in areas of hot and cold water systems Microbiological sampling should be carried out:

  • Where drinking water (potable) is stored
  • Where systems treated with biocide and storage and distribution temperatures are lowered
  • Where control measures (correct temperatures) are not consistently achieved
  • Identification of potential hazards and associated risks
  • Where a Legionella outbreak is suspected
  • Where building occupants are deemed at risk, e.g. those who’s immune system is suppressed
  • Where the Legionella Risk Assessment findings recommend Microbiological sampling will aid monitoring

Total Viable Counts (TVC)

  • Basic test of water quality
  • Determines overall levels of contamination
  • Essential that TVC falls within recommended guidelines for the control of Legionella

Coliforms (Coliform & Faecal) & E-Coli

  • Coliform - Indicates potential contamination of water source
  • Coliform - Evaluates general quality of the water
  • Faecal Coliform - Indicates contamination from human / mammal waste product
  • E-Coli – short lived in water so is an indication of recent contamination
  • E-Coli – bacteria of the lower intestine. Rapidly detected on analysis and its detection indicates similar bacteria may be present

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

  • Common bacterium easily colonises water systems and can produce a biofilm which affects taste and colour of water. This biofilm also produces a habitat and nutrient source for Legionella bacteria

Private Drinking Water Supplies (Boreholes)

  • Sampling suites in accordance with the private drinking water regulations 2009
  • Consultation on analysis results

Rainwater Harvesting (Grey Water) Systems

  • Sampling in accordance with BS 8515:2009 and the Environment Agency guidance
  • Consultation on analysis results

Swimming Pool & Spa Pool Waters

  • Sampling in accordance with PWTAG, Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group
  • Consultation on analysis results

Closed Systems

  • Sampling in accordance with BISRA guidance
  • Consultation on analysis results
  • Chemical dosing of systems
  • We work in strict accordance with current legislation & guidance
  • A qualified engineer will attend site and determine sample quantities, types and locations
  • UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis
  • We will fully explain sample results and any impact these results may have on your water systems along with any further actions deemed necessary
  • Legionella sampling and all types of water testing can be carried out on a one-off or contract basis
  • We use detailed, but easy to follow reporting systems
  • We have many years experience in Legionella control and water treatment
  • We provide a cost effective and efficient service
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