Microbiological Analysis
Water Sampling is often a crucial part of any Legionella Control Scheme, by measuring the effectiveness of the control measures. The ACoP L8 says "the risk from exposure to legionella should be prevented or controlled and that the precautions taken should be monitored to ensure that they remain effective".
Legionella risk assessment
Our Legionella Risk Assessments include identification and evaluation of all potential sources of risk associated with Legionella within your building’s water system. Shelter Tech has developed Legionella Risk Assessments in accordance with BS8580 considering the guidelines and recommended practices issued by the UK Health & Safety Executive ACoP L8.
Temperature Monitoring
The most favourable temperature for the proliferation of legionella bacteria is between 20°C and 45°C. The city mains supplying temperature normally sets below20°C. But the stored water temperature could be raised along with the ambient temperature due to so many reasons such as lack of insulation, stagnation, improper air vents, location of the tank etc.
Hotwater cylinder/Calorifier blow down, descaling and disinfection
An internal visual check for scale and sediment in the cistern must be carried out on an annual basis or where the water quality seems to be cloudy. The sedimentation, scale etc. will settle down in the calorifiers and will provide an environment for Legionella growth, therefore the cleaning and disinfection of this storage vessel must be carried out.
Remedial Works
The correct design and installation of water systems help to control the potential for Legionella growth, however, older systems and systems where alterations have been made can increase this potential by having storage tanks that do not comply with current standards.
Reporting and Record Keeping
This is normally a free service along with any other services provided by us. In addition to the site logbook we will provide you a login to your online folder where all your documents are kept systematically to provide 24/7 access.
Regular Monitoring
Following a Legionella Risk Assessment a written monitoring plan should be prepared to control the identified risks of Legionella. This plan should identify the chosen control measure, for example, avoiding water temperatures between 20°C and 45°C and how this will be achieved.
Pipe Work and Plant Insulation
Shelter Tech has expertise in pipe work insulations from the 15mm pipe works to any size and in providing cladding for the pipe works and insulation jackets for valves, heat exchangers etc.
Other Water System Works
Our friendly team is here to help you in any way. If you have any water system related queries please feel free to contact us.


Shelter Tech UK Ltd, the legionella control specialists deliver comprehensive on site facilities enabling the duty holders to comply with all legal requirements in association with the control of legionella bacteria in the water system in accordance with the current regulations.

Are there legionella risks in my workplace?

Any water system that has the right environmental conditions could potentially be a source for legionella bacteria growth. There is a reasonably foreseeable legionella risk in your water system if:

  • The water is stored or re-circulated as part of your system
  • The water temperature in all or some part of the system is between 20–45 °C
  • There are sources of nutrients such as rust, sludge, scale and organic matters
  • The conditions are likely to encourage bacteria to multiply
  • the system generates aerosols (water droplets) and dispersed over a wide area, (eg: through showers, cooling towers, taps etc)

Any of your employees, residents, visitors etc are more susceptible to infection due to age, illness, a weakened immune system etc and they could be exposed to any contaminated water droplets.

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  1. Legionella Risk Assessment/Reviews
  2. Sampling and analytical services
  3. Legionella monitoring and inspection
  4. Tank cleaning and disinfection
  5. Remedial works
    • Replacement or refurbishment of the cold water storage tanks
    • Re arranging the cold water storage system in compliance with the Water byelaw.
    • Insulation of cold water storage tanks and pipe works
    • Removal of dead ends and dad legs
    • Rearranging of the inlet and outlet position
    • Installation of air vents and insect screens to water storage tanks
    • Re-routing open calorifier vents
    • Installation of appropriate back flow prevention
    • Water storage tank painting / lining
  6. Consultancy services
  7. Any other works related to the water system
  8. Calorifier/Hot water cylinder blow down, descaling and disinfection
  9. Compliance Auditing
  10. Project Management Of Remediation Works
  11. Chemical Supply
  12. Water System Chlorination
  13. Analysis and Chemical Dosing of Closed Water Systems
  14. Swimming Pool Water Monitoring
  15. Supply and installation of
    • Point of use drinking water filters
    • Gravity filters
    • Water temperature data logging devices
    • Meter dosing pumps
    • Chlorine dioxide generators
    • Silver/copper ionisers
    • Ultra Violet disinfection
    • Ozone generators
    • Reverse osmosis along with all other types of membrane filtration
    • Swimming pool dosage and control equipment
    • Rainwater harvesting systems
    • Greywater recycling systems
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